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Antigua is a destination in the Caribbean often unvisited by the masses because it has always had an exclusive price point that has kept out the riff raff. The island has more than 365 beaches famously one for every day of the year! There are some Canadian flights that are reversing this along with all inclusive packages from popular cities such as Toronto. From the UK the deals are harder to get, low season sometimes you can get to Antigua for around £1,100 for a week but that's not cheap. So Antigua has excellent flight links if you can afford the stunning property available to rent via vacation rentals and fantastic luxury resorts.

Find The Best Luxury Villas In Antigua

Where is the best place to be located in Antigua?

nowhere is too far away- you can drive around the island in 3/4 of a day

  • Jolly Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda

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If you are a group over 4 then more and more the economy of a villa rental becomes evident. The advantage is an economy of scale not found with a resort. Also not least is the privacy you get in a villa where you won't have any neighbours. Antigua villas are spaced out conveniently with the exception of some and if you are a fan of space then an Antigua Luxury Villa can work for you.

Luxury Antigua Villas

How much does a Villa Cost in Antigua?
It does vary of course on the size of villa but you can expect to find a small villa to be in the order of 120USD per night as an example of a Jolly Harbour Unit.
If you are looking for a beachfront villa that can take 10 then you need a budget of 1000USD per night. Beyond this price band for 7 nights you can pay 20,000 USD for the Villa. So if you want that amazing wedding and you have the money then this is truly an extravagance that makes a mark in the hearts and minds for years.

Step1 : Funny Tummy Fall In Love

You met someone special, early days...your on your way to Antigua, you don't know that yet.


Step 2 : The Engagement - Wow You Move Fast

You are made for each other, you get engaged. You have both been here before and also previously been married. Your not naive! This time you want a Caribbean Wedding. You start looking around. Antigua is voted the most romantic island years in a row. Let's take a look...


Step 3: Get Married in Antigua

You set the date for your Antigua Wedding! You looked at the other islands but for the very best in the Caribbean you saw that Antigua was best, best resorts beaches and organisation.

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Where should we locate ourselves?

It's hard to describe which is better but easy to mark the differences. English Harbour is the historic centre and it does have some nice places to go out and eat in but I have to say I prefer the restaurants of Jolly Harbour. The bars are harder to see a winner though out of season Jolly Harbour seems to be busier. As far as attractions goes there might be a dead heat here, many are located close to each location and others further afield. But luckily nothing is too far in Antigua.

There are boats in both English Harbour and Jolly Harbour, I think the historic beauty of English Harbour is nicer to look at but jolly Harbour is also beautiful in it's own right. With better beach options Jolly Harbour wins.
There are some really great vacation rentals in both centres. Jolly Harbour has more beachside villas to choose from however.

The answer is not to sweat it! Enjoy what is around you as you will and make the choice of location less important than what you need from your villa. You might also choose some of the other locations such as Galley Bay Heights for your luxury villa where you will have to spend 20,000 for a week rubbing shoulders with Giorgio Armani as he could be your temporary neighbour.

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